Chesapeake Regional College of Bishops

Establish A Regional College Of Bishops Among Apostolic Graces From The Eastern Shore And Surrounding Vicinities
To Promote And Support Collegiality, Fellowship, Worship And Apostolic Reformation & Transformation In The Body Of Christ. 
Function Of The College  
  • Ordination/Consecration Of Bishops
    • Bring Credibility And Validity To Process
    • Bishops Maintain Complete Autonomy


  • Governing Of The Fellowships
    • Assures Accountability Of Apostolic Ministries
    • Establishes A Forum For Discipline

Bishop Robert Pritchett
Presiding Bishop
Faith Unity Fellowship Worldwide

Bishop Dane Coleman
Bishop Coadjutor
Greater New Hope Church & Ministries
Bishop Sean Wheatley
Dean of the College of Bishops
New Walk Community Church
Bishop Henry Cole
Supervisor of Bishop-Elects
Breath of Life Ministries, Inc.
Bishop Fred Styles
Bishop of Finance
True Tabernacle Christian Center


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