Christian Education

Greater New Hope Church & Ministries
Christian Education Ministry

Elder James Ransome
Minister of Christian Education

At Greater New Hope Church & Ministries, we believe that children and adults should have a fertile base from which to grow spiritually and become mature Christians through the study of scripture.

Mission Statement:

And thou shalt teach them ordinances and laws, and shalt shew them the way wherein they must walk, and the work that they must do. Exodus 18:20


1. Each person is a unique creation of God, designed to express the nature of Christ. This is accomplished through knowledge of God’s will for our lives.

2. Parents and Teachers have a command from God to encourage the full maturity of Christ in them and in every child.

3. Christianity begins with salvation and education of God’s Word and Love, and flows into one’s home, church, and community.

4. God requires faithful stewardship of all His gifts involving conduct and motives. Each individual determines his or her life by the voluntary consent to do right or wrong.

5. Before two or more individuals can be effective, they must be united in spirit, in purpose, and in belief.

6. In order to have liberty, Christians must be lead by the Spirit of God not by external forces.

7. The Image of God imprinted upon the individual brings dominion and change to his or her surroundings. Becoming responsible for the study of God’s Word, which is the fruit of Christian character.

Discipleship Class: First three Mondays of each month.
Is to teach the student to follow after the work of Christ, carrying the Word of God to others.

Sunday School Classes: Only Adult and Youth classes.
Practical Life Walk in Christ

Vacation Bible School
: Dates to be announced.

New Members: 4th Saturday of each month.
Is to Inspire the New Christians to have a Desire to walk with Kingdom Principles

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